कृषि विज्ञान केन्द्र, पाहंदा (अ) दुर्ग की वेबसाइट में आपका स्वागत है.......

Footfallof Farmers

Footfallof Farmers
Years No of farmers visited KVK Thematic areas of their Reaction Remarks
2017-18 752 (till date)

To discuss and find the solution their fried crops problems.

To obtain improved variety seed
To discuss about the latest varieties of major crops
To obtain saplings of vegetable and fruits crops
To discuss about identification of insect and disease of major crop and their management
To obtain worms and production technology of vermicompost, Mashroom production
To discuss about the fertilizer recommendation of major crops like paddy, wheat, gram,  Mustard, Pigeon pea etc depend on own resources
To discuss about the management of parasites in animals and their balance feeding