कृषि विज्ञान केन्द्र, पाहंदा (अ) दुर्ग की वेबसाइट में आपका स्वागत है.......

Thrust area, Potential & Problems

Thrust Areas

  • Standardization of Cropping System
  • Efficient utilization of available  resources
  • Reduction in cost of cultivation
  • Market led production
  • Promotion of processing based crop production particularly horticultural crops ( Fruit,Vegetable & Flower)
  • Promotion of SHG, Cooperative system for input as well as output of farm produce
  • Reduction in pesticide load
  • Wealth from organic produce
  • Dairy, Poultry and Fisheries intervention  for enhancement of production


  • Sufficient availability of resources for crop diversification.
  • Low labour cost.
  • Good scope for organic cultivation.
  • Gap in production potential.
  • Easy e- extension in rural areas due to IT revolution in the country.
  • Improving purchasing capacity.
  • Sufficient availability of cow dung, and poultry manure to produce bio gas and manure of high quality.
  • Level of improved farm machinery is very low have great potential.
  • Scope exists to increase the returns to farmers by establishing small agro processing units in production catchments.
  • Scope for entrepreneurship development for custom hiring of high capacity and costly farm machinery.

Identified Problems:

  • Comparatively less income from paddy followed by paddy cropping system
  • Reduction in area of Rabi Pulse & Oil seed due to crop damaged by monkey
  • Heavy pesticide load
  • In vegetables, particularly in Tomato, Glut reduces the profit of farmers